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About Me

Over the years I have been sought out to help entrepreneurs establish their businesses, assist with business plans, marketing, financial literacy and much more. I felt that it was time to empower everyone to learn and begin to complete these tasks on their own. Yes you can pay someone to do it but those who are wanting to save and really empower themselves this is what I am here for! I was a person who wanted to be shown how to complete a task instead of someone completing it for me. This is how I have gained my knowledge and success and so I am now passing the torch to you. If you are looking to organically grow your business the time is now. Purchase an e-course and get started. It doesn't matter what field you are in; trucking, consulting, real estate, the knowledge and resources are available for you.  I really do have faith in you. Yes You!! You are determined and focused and I believe you will succeed. 

                                            -Dr. K

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Attractive Young Woman

Dr. K has been so informative. Whenever I had questions she would answer them and guide me through step by step.

Jamie L.

Smiling Young Man

I was skeptical at first but once I spoke to Dr. K she proved to me that she had years of experience, very knowledge and was extremely helpful. She even saved us money by helping us set up our business!


Mature Businessman

I seek out Dr. K for all things business. She has helped me establish my businesses, create a marketing plan, given tons of information on financial literacy and has helped me get the funding I need to get started and scale. I will continue to use her services.

Shannon H.